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Often faced with a chronic lack of time, overwhelmed by the organization and monitoring of their structures' activities, CEOs of SMEs are often alone in defining their company's strategy.

Cimbiose works as a partner to help the CEO to define his objectives or to challenge them in order to make them stronger. Once the objectives are clear, Cimbiose will help the CEO to turn these objectives into a business plan.

If needed, Cimbiose will help the CEO to define his research plan, as a part of his development. Cimbiose will assist the CEO in the fundamental research activities: definition of development goals, validation of the opportunity of these developments, definition of the underlying scientific questions, bibliography, setting up of an internal research program or in collaboration/subcontracting with qualified actors.

Depending on the CEO's needs, Cimbiose will support the company in the management of the research activity.




With more than 35 years of experience in R&D management, Cimbiose:

Participates in the definition of strategic objectives and functional and technical requirements,

Identifies tasks and associated constraints,

Ensures the follow-up and management of partners and subcontractors,

Improves traceability and monitoring of activities,

Train or coach staff on project management, research (collaborative or internal) and research funding applications.

Thus Cimbiose frees up management time.


Note that Cimbiose services can be eligible for research tax credit