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Cimbiose's ambition is to provide a set of services that will ensure an ad'hoc support to its clients and a better life to the final users:

  • The setting up and organization of the governance (determination of the actors of the project and their respective roles, definition of the objectives of each partner and the common objectives...)
  • The setting up of the project group, the contractualization
  • Pre-audit on the existing (on plan or on construction)
  • Determination of the target to be reached (e.g., desired levels of certification and services)
  • Development of the action plan
  • Engineering work: search for service providers, work on interoperability and on the economic model, etc.
  • Preparing the launch and implementation of services...

The operation of the products and services is then ensured by the concierge company Hoa-Ora.


Cimbiose's support is aimed at various stakeholders :

  • local authorities,
  • real estate organizations (lessors, promoters, builders...)
  • public or private solidarities (insurance companies, mutual insurance companies...)
  • tourism and hotel professionals
  • companies for their employees or their seniors.




mutuelle pharmace tourism enterprise
 A local collectivity

A lessors, promoters, builders.

An insurance, a mutual health insurance

A pharmacy

UA tourism or hospitality professional

A Company



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