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The Cimbiose team provides researchers and businessmen know-how and a network of experts for the management of scientific projects.
With an experience of over twenty years in the support of scientific projects, Alain Cimino, the founder of Cimbiose, coordinates resources internal to the project (researchers, funding agencies, foundations, industrial ...) or external (expert firms, communication, event ...).

Cimbiose, cornerstone of research projects, helps building and then ensure the management of such projects complying with quality, deadlines and budgets. Researchers or CEO, releived of administrative burden, can focus on their work and are guaranteed to meet with the regulatory and budgetary constraints.

Cimbiose is a company founded by Alain Cimino :

- An advanced scientific training : PhD in Enzymatic Engineering at the UTC then scientific computing and bioinformatic for various companies,

- Completed by a solid experience of over 25 years in the management and supervision of scientific and technical projects in services companies, pharmaceutical laboratories and French research organizations.

- Since Cimbiose creation, A. Cimino has been handling 3 projects funded by pubklic institution (European or French) or by private foundations. In average, those projects long 4 years, gather 8 teams for an approximate amount of 40 people per project.

- In the same time, Cimbiose built around 10 projects per year for an annual average acquired budget of 37m€.


At the center of a network of international experts in the fields of research and its exploitation
• Expertise in scientific and technical project management
• Multiculturality
• International teams
• Academic or industrial organizations